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5 Ways to Get and Implement Resident Feedback in Multifamily

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

March 4, 2019 | NAI Global | NAI Wisinski Great Lakes

Happy residents and tenants are at the heart of a prosperous multifamily property, and what better way to ensure your tenants are getting exactly what they want than by asking them directly? Getting resident feedback and appropriately analyzing and implementing the results allows for a successfully run property. Some think that asking for feedback can encourage residents to create problems or issues, however, this is not the case. It will make tenants feel more comfortable in sharing concerns openly, and make them feel that their concerns are valid and appreciated.

So, let’s take a look at these 5 way to solicit feedback from the residents of your multifamily, and what to do with it once received.

Use Social Media

Studies show people prefer to give feedback over social media. According to a study by FORBES, 60% of people prefer to use social media to provide feedback and concerns. As a society we are more connected and busier than ever and people often do not want to wait on hold or be on a call. Social media allows people to multitask and give feedback while doing other things. With social media, you are more likely to get information, which you can then utilize to make appropriate tenant-given changes.

Utilize Surveys

Surveys allow you as a property manager or landlord to curate questions you’ve been wanting answers to. Sending out periodic surveys to residents regarding various questions, concerns, employee conduct and more can give you vital information. Websites like allow you to create email-based surveys for free and track analytics. You can also use more traditional paper methods or research-based companies like Kingsley or Satisfacts.

Focus Groups

Getting residents together for focus groups can also provide valuable feedback. Try to get several residents together at a time to open a dialogue. Listen to their responses and consider all suggestions from the group equally. This will give you a well-rounded idea of what your residents want. You can even hold focus groups once and a while for people who don’t live in the property. There are various focus group companies throughout the U.S that can assist with setting one up.

Ask Residents and Employees

Don’t be afraid to ask residents casually. Management that does not engage proactively with residents is normally not as successful. Additionally, get feedback from security guards, doormen and other employees around the building. They often have professional or even friendly relationships with tenants and can provide feedback.

Take Advantage of Apps

Along with social media, apps are also a great way to collect and record feedback. Having an app developed for your multifamily property can allow users to pay bills, submit repairs and of course present praise and complaints. You can utilize in-app feedback tools such as Apptentive, Instabug or HelpStack to collect feedback and facilitate communications.

Overall, feedback is a priceless commodity for any multifamily property owner, investor, or manager. It will allow you to curate a custom experience for your tenants which will translate into renewed leases, fewer vacancies and a higher return on investments for you.

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