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Focus in Student Housing Amenities Changes from Luxury to Health and Wellness

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

National Real Estate Investor recently published an article highlighting some changing trends in student housing. For quite some time, there has been a growing trend of new student housing product incorporating an ever expanding list of luxury amenities. Student housing developers have been very aggressive in positioning new product to be the most desirable in the market.

Luxury amenities inevitably bring luxury pricing. This pricing has been supported by strong tenant demand, as well as an improving economy that has allowed parents to provide better accommodations for their children. Elevated rents are now causing students and parents to pause and re-evaluate priorities when looking for housing. New surveys reveal a gradual shift away from luxury offerings and more toward amenities that support studying, fitness and the evolving “shared economy”, such as bike shares, car shares and a ride-share pick up area.

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